East of England Critical Care Operational Delivery Network


Higher Education Institutions



Anglia Ruskin University, 

Chelmsford (ARU)

Hospital Trust Critical Care:

Basildon Hospital

Southend Hospital

Colchester Hospital

Mid Essex Hospital

Ipswich Hospital

Princess Alexandra Hospital 

Course Modules and Contact:


Critical Care.  

60 credits over 2 semesters. Step 2 and 3 competencies to be completed.

Contact:  Sarah McGloin sarah.mcgloin@anglia.ac.uk

University of Bedfordshire

Bedford Hospital

Luton & Dunstable Hospital

Peterborough Hospital

Module 1.  Contemporary Intensive Care Practice.  

Module 2. Enhanced Intensive Care Practice

30 credits each modules.  Step 2 or 3 competencies used depending on level of entry to the course.

Unknown Contact - Course cancelled

University of Hertfordshire

Addenbrookes Hospital

Lister Hospital

Watford Hospital

Module 1.  Assessment - physiology based.  Module 2.  Intensive Care

30 Credits each module at Level 6 or 7

Pauline Freeman   p.freeman@herts.ac.uk

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) Cambridge

Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Addenbrookes Hospital

West Suffolk Hospital

Papworth Hospital

Critical Care

60 credits over 2 semesters. Step 2 and 3 competences to be completed.

Contact:  Naim Abdulmohdi  naim.abdulmohdi@anglia.ac.uk

University Campus Suffolk (UCS)

Ipswich Hospital

West Suffolk Hospital

Acute and Critical Care Practice in Context

60 credits over 2 semesters - Step 2 and 3 competencies to be completed

Contact:  Donna Pierre / Mark Ranson    m.ranson@ucs.ac.uk

University of East Anglia (UEA)

James Paget Hospital

Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn

Critical Care Module

40 credit foundations module for various specialities - Level 6 or 7 

20 credit specialty module for Critical Care nurses - Level 6 or 7.  Step 2 and 3 competencies to be completed

Contact:  Rebekah Hill   rebekah.hill@uea.ac.uk